Thursday June 14: arrivals

  arrival throughout the day
19:00—21:00 informal gathering at Zlata Ladjica

Friday June 15: 4WFTop tutorials

8:45—9:15 registration
9:15—10:00 Thierry Coquand. Positivity in point-free topology: positivity predicates
10:00—10:15 break
10:15—11:00 Giovanni Sambin. Positivity in point-free topology: positivity relations
11:00—11:15 break
11:15—12:00 Steve Vickers. Formal Topology and Geometric Logic: spaces
12:00—12:15 break
12:15—13:00 Steve Vickers. Formal Topology and Geometric Logic: maps
13:00—15:15 lunch
15:15—16:00 Steve Vickers. Formal Topology and Geometric Logic: bundles
16:00—16:15 break
16:15—17:00 Erik Palmgren. Point-free topology and foundations of constructive analysis 1
17:00—17:15 break
17:15—18:00 Erik Palmgren. Point-free topology and foundations of constructive analysis 2

Saturday June 16: 4WFTop talks

9:00—10:00 Per Martin-Löf. Path models of type theory
10:00—10:15 break
10:15—11:00 Francesco Ciraulo. Binary positivity in the language of locales
11:00—11:15 break
11:15—11:45 Benno Van Den Berg. Non-deterministic inductive definitions
11:45—12:15 Tatsuji Kawai. Completeness and cocompleteness of the categories of basic pairs and concrete spaces
12:15—14:15 lunch
14:15—15:00 Bas Spitters. Locally perfect maps compose; an exercise in geometric reasoning motivated by quantum theory
15:00—15:15 break
15:15—15:45 Lurdes Sousa. Injectivity in poset enriched categories
15:45—16:15 Pietro Di Gianantonio and Abbas Edalat. A Language for Differentiable Functions

Sunday June 17: 4WFTop talks

9:15—10:00 Davorin Lešnik. Topologies in functional analysis, synthetically
10:00—10:15 break
10:15—11:00 Paul Taylor. Aspects of overtness
11:00—11:15 break
11:15—11:45 Primož Škraba. Persistent Homology – An Overview
11:45—12:15 Neža Mramor-Kosta. Discrete Morse theory
12:15—14:00 lunch
14:00—19:00 Excursion
19:00—22:00 Workshop dinner

Monday June 18: 4WFTop talks

9:00—10:00 Ieke Moerdijk. The axiom of multiple choice
10:00—10:15 break
10:15—11:00 Olivia Caramello. A topos-theoretic approach to Stone-type dualities
11:00—11:15 break
11:15—11:45 Guilhem Jaber. Intuitionistic versus Classical Forcing : A Topological Explanation
11:45—12:15 Yoshihiro Maruyama. Categorical Universal Logic: with emphasis on point-free geometric logics
12:15—14:15 lunch
14:15—15:00 Alex Simpson. Beyond the logic of observations
15:00—15:15 break
15:15—15:45 Henrik Forssell. Some applications of Moerdijk’s site description for equivariant sheaf toposes
15:45—16:15 Dirk Hofmann. Injective spaces via distributors and adjunction
16:15—16:30 break
16:30—17:30 Round table

Tuesday June 19: 4WFTop talks

9:00—10:00 Vladimir Voevodsky. Univalent fibrations
10:00—10:15 break
10:15—11:00 Claudio Sacerdoti Coen. The Kuratowski’s closure-complement problem in formal topology
11:00—11:15 break
11:15—11:45 Steve Awodey. Hopf in HoTT
11:45—12:15 Martin Escardo. The intrinsic topology of a Martin-Lof universe
12:15—14:15 lunch
14:15—15:00 Hajime Ishihara. Infinitary propositional theories and set-generated classes
15:00—15:15 break
15:15—15:45 Davide Rinaldi. A constructive notion of codimension
15:45—16:15 Martin Escardo and Chuangjie Xu. A constructive model of uniform continuity
16:15—16:30 break
16:30—17:30 Round table & Business Meeting

Wednesday June 20: HDACT

9:00—10:00 Steve Awodey. Free fibrations and singleton types
10:00—10:15 break
10:15—10:45 Francois Lamarche. Higher Homotopy Groups of Categories
10:45—11:15 Andrei Rodin. Higher Identity Types in Empirical Contexts
11:15—11:30 break
11:30—12:30 Emily Riehl. (Homotopy coherent) adjunctions of ∞-categories
12:30—14:30 lunch
14:30—15:00 Daniel R. Licata and Robert Harper. Computing with univalence
15:00—15:30 Thierry Coquand and Simon Huber. Constructive Kan Fibrations
15:30—15:45 break
15:45—16:15 Peter Aczel. What is a type theory and, what should a type theory be?
16:15—16:45 Eric Finster. Type Theory and the Opetopes
16:45—17:00 break
17:00—18:00 Thorsten Altenkirch. Towards an ω-groupoid model of Type Theory
20:00—22:00 HDACT Dinner

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